I’ve died and gone to Bali…

If I had to describe Bali in one word, it would be magic — beautiful, blissful, and peaceful magic. I knew it the minute we arrived. There was just something in the air, when we took our first step, exchanged our first smile, and every moment after that. Like a strange, but oddly familiar glow, it beamed in and around everything… and everyone…


The people of Bali are some of the most beautiful humans I’ve ever seen. Not just because of their sun-kissed skin or the unique glimmer in their eyes, but in how they go about their lives. Every second of every day, every word, every thought, every action is infused with the utmost intention. No matter where you go on the island, you can find dozens of “offerings” of various flowers, incense, and Rupia (Indonesian money) strewn about temples, homes, storefronts, hotels, restaurants, bridges and more, placed carefully and respectfully to the spirits in an act of prayer. In addition to this, each home is designed with a family temple as well as statues of various deities in their front entryways for protection from bad spirits. This is part of their Hindu religion, which undoubtedly plays a role in just how grounded and accepting they are in their daily lives. They welcome everyone and everything that crosses their path with such patience and benevolence, even in adversity. This indeed held true for our first experience of Balinese rush hour. As we witnessed hundreds of cars and motorbikes weave in and out of narrow roads, not once did we see a single sign of anger or negativity. They simply went about it like they do all things, with a come-what-may attitude and an unbreakable sense of humanity. This is something we Americans could definitely learn a thing or two from. There’s just such a beautiful contentment to these people that is to be admired — the ease, the lightness — it’s in every breath, around every corner, and rightfully so. Bali is an absolute paradise. With its simple charm stretching from acres of green and yellow rice paddies to its majestic mountains and intricate temples standing tall and proud, all the way to its salty waters crashing upon velvet beaches, the place is heaven.


All in all, I’ll never forget the experiences we had on this sacred island — exploring village to village with wide eyes and even wider open hearts, indulging in the freshest of fruits and the most delicious and traditional Balinese meals, practicing yoga and receiving a healing session from third generation healer Ketut Arsana, riding an elephant named “Hola” through Indonesian jungles, washing in holy water of some of the world’s most breathtaking temples, and boogie boarding and feeling our toes in the white sands of the Indian Ocean. For all this and more, we say “Terima Kasih” to you Bali, for the light, the love, and for sharing your special heaven with us.

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